Croatia has a great maritime tradition and proud seafarers. These seafarers are products of the finest maritime schools, colleges and training centers in Croatia and best known in the global maritime industry for their professionalism, efficiency and reliability, not to mention their proficiency in English language both oral and written.
Today in Croatia there are between 20 000 and 26 000 active seafarers, mostly officers and engineers making Croatia one of the leading maritime countries.
Every year approximately 1500 students graduate from Nautical Schools and Colleges, which gives credibility to Croatia, as a high ranking maritime force for a long time in the future.
We at Azara crew agency are proud to continue the tradition.


RANK:  Master, Chief mate, 2nd mate
COMPANY:  Norway
VESSEL TYPE: Well testing and Stimulation
EMPLOYMENT:  Still to be announced
TOUR OF DUTY: Still unknown
EXPERIENCE:  Previous experience on Well Stimulation vessels
REQUIREMENTS:  Full DP with experience on Well Stimulation vessels (requirement from the client)

RANK:  Seasonal Stewardess

VESSEL TYPE: Motor Yacht
SALARY:  1,750 EUR pm
TOUR OF DUTY: 15th June - 30th September
EXPERIENCE: Yachting experience not necessary

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