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Looking for a Crew?

Azara team works hard to source leading candidates and knows that hiring the best people is of utmost importance to any organization. We are committed to providing the highest quality of service, taking great care of our people. All of our seafarers are carefully selected to meet the specific requirements of our clients, supporting and encouraging a safe and efficient ship operation.

Since every Company has slightly different requirements, we take the time to discuss each client’s needs, therefore we expand, upgrade or adjust our selection process and our services to ensure that all provided is of highest quality and meets Client’s expectations.

How We Deliver

We are constantly adopting to innovative recruitment trends to source talents for our clients. We are using both, inbound and outbound recruitment methods to source passive job seekers as well.

From our database

We have an extensive database of seafarers, updated on daily basis. Our database is constructed from years of referrals enabling us to reach unique individuals for an ever-demanding market.


Daily communication with more than 80 000 users. First stop to our talent sourcing. Reaching a wide range of maritime professionals. Client branding and promotion.

Social media

Sourcing talents through social networking (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter), as well as online forum section and job board on our news site

Market knowledge

Highly experienced staff with a vast knowledge of industry standards and legislations worldwide. Specific knowledge of customers’ preferences and operational procedures in different market areas.

Employee referral

Accessing candidates with hard-to-source skills. Day-to-day communication with professionals employed worldwide to reach skilled talents in their networks and area of expertise.

Our Selection


Clients needs

Understanding the nature of business and current market situation. Fact-based assessment and understanding of client need and expectations. Determination of job specifications and requirements for each position.


Candidate sourcing

Determining and identifying the best sourcing strategy for finding specific talents. Sourcing from our database, existing shortlist of top performers, referrals, and social networks following the client’s expectations and requirements.


Candidate screening

Shortlisting based on findings and client’s requirements. Verifying documents and information provided in application forms and CV’s. Obtaining references, background, and availability checking. Arranging initial interviews.


Candidate evaluation

Skill-based interview of selected candidates, English testing and overall evaluation. Determination of candidate’s preferences and expectations following the presentation of the job specification, terms, and conditions offered.

Decision making

Top candidates are presented to the client for selection and final approval. Assisting with arranging different documentation, visa applications, training and certification requirements, medical and D&A testing, travel arrangements, …

Monitoring & feedback

Monitoring candidate’s performance and validity of essential documents and certificates. Continuous assistance and 24/7 support to both, our clients and candidates.

Our services

  • Advertising vacancies, sourcing/screening, and selection of candidates, documents/references/certificates verification 
  • Crew planning, Payroll services, Tax application assistance, and administration/crew processing costs  
  • Travel/ Training/ and Medical arrangements
  • Additional assistance in regards to Visas, Accommodation, Joining documents, Flag state documents, Endorsement/approvals, port agent communication, etc. 
  • Continuous crew assistance, introductory information services, and monitoring
looking for a crew
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