Direct-hire Croatian crew

Due to administrative regulations in Croatia, we have established our direct-hire company despite operating the Azara crew agency for over ten years.

We have complied with all laws for regulations 883/2004 as a direct hire Croatian-based company.

Azara crew agency and Eva Employment are connected entities, acting with the same leadership and sharing the same values.

Scope of our services

Since Eva Employment is compliant with all laws for regulations 883/2004 as a direct hire Croatian-based company, we have full scope of rights and approvals. Considering this regulation has primacy over the law (lex specialis), we can achieve full social and tax rights and exemptions (A1) to the European Union and special flag vessels, e.g., the UK, Luxembourg, Belgium, etc.


Direct hire crew

We can provide our clients with a direct-hire Croatian crew. Our agency employs all our crew, and we are providing them with employment contracts in line with MLC and all applicable industry standards previously agreed upon with the Client.

Onshore staff

A large pool of seagoing or shore-based experts in the maritime industry. For the Clients in need of our onshore staff services, we can make all applicable arrangements in the country of employment and provide the staff with employment contracts.

Valid A1 forms

As a legal representative and employer, we manage crews’ application for social contributions in a domicile country. This means that we are eligible to obtain A1 forms, hence avoiding double taxation in country of work, and settling all contributions in Croatia.  

Port authority registration

We have full access to our country’s social and maritime online services. We are providing all information about employment directly to the Port authorities, our Ministry, and keeping track of all that is in line with our countries and European laws.

High quality standards

Scope of ISO 9001; QMS

Scope of ISO 9001; QMS​

Considering onboard inspections, internal client audits, different country laws, etc., we have decided to certify Eva Employment and receive a standalone ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certificate. 


This is our effort to ensure all documents are clearly described, avoid possible unclarities, shorten the time of verification, but also to widen the scope of our services so we can act as the legal employer for the onshore staff per ISO 9001:2015 standard along with offshore jobs based on 1.4 Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC 2006).

ISO certificate

ISO certificate

ISO certificate proves our compliance with the selected standard and our focus on continuous improvement. Since our certificate is stored in the blockchain, it has even more value.

The certificate has a unique QR tag with which anyone can check its validity and authenticity. You can learn more about blockchain technology here.

Our services

  • Advertising vacancies, sourcing/screening, and selection of candidates, documents/references/certificates verification 
  • Crew planning, Payroll services, Tax application assistance, and administration/crew processing costs  
  • Travel/ Training/ and Medical arrangements
  • Additional assistance in regards to Visas, Accommodation, Joining documents, Flag state documents, Endorsement/approvals, port agent communication, etc. 
  • Continuous crew assistance, introductory information services, and monitoring
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