Azara Wins Prestigious Croatian Chamber of Economy’s Award for Second Year in a Row

We are proud to announce that Azara Adria was awarded, for the second year in a row, the prestigious “Golden Plaque” (Zlatna plaketa), traditional Croatian Chamber of Economy’s award for the most successful enterprises.

Traditional chamber award Golden Plaque (Golden Kuna) was awarded at the ceremonial session of the Economic Council of the Sibenik County Chamber, held in the Interpretation Centre of the St. Jacob’s Cathedral ‘Civitas Sacra’, to the most successful county companies in 2022.

After winning the award for the best small enterprise in 2021, Azara Adria d.o.o. received the plaque for the most successful small enterprise in the region, for the second year in a row.

“First and foremost, thank you for the nomination and the award itself. It is a great honour for us to be part of this ceremony, especially since we have won this prestigious award for the second year in a row”, said Anita Gulin Susa, Managing Director of Azara Adria.

“Last year, you had the opportunity to meet Adrijan Susa, our CEO and owner. Our General Manager Tomislav Plazanjic, who has been successfully leading our team for the past seven years, is also here with us.”

The Golden Plaque for the best small enterprise was presented to Anita Gulin Susa by Magda Lakos Mioc, president of Sibenik County Chamber.

“Our story began in 2012, when Azara only had 3 employees. Our journey began a few years prior, with the launch of in 2007, the first and most read maritime news source in this part of Europe. Entering the iNavis centre, with shared our vision, we started building our way towards the Norwegian maritime sector. Today, over 60% of our business is carried out on the Norwegian market in the offshore and windfarm sector. Thanks to the quality of service and the dedication of our team, this percentage is continuously rising, and we expect it to do so in the future as well”, said Anita Gulin Susa.

“Generally speaking, we do more than 90% of our business with foreign partners. We can say that, among other things, we have one of the best export products of Croatia – our seafarers. In 2020, we founded the company Eva Employment, an agency for the direct employment of Croatian seafarers at Belgian, Luxembourg and United Kingdom companies. Just like Azara, this company is growing continuously. With investments in new projects and digitization made possible by EU funds, we expect further stable growth both in the quality of our service and in the business itself.”

“Finally, we are thankful to those who made all this possible – our colleagues. We couldn’t have accomplished this without a good team and quality workforce”, Anita Gulin Susa concluded.

The Golden Plaque (Zlatna plaketa, formerly known as Zlatna Kuna) is the biggest acknowledgment of the Croatian Chamber of Economy (HGK). Each year since 1993, the HGK awards the most successful companies and individuals in Croatia for their hard work, dedication to improvement and measurable business results.

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