New website & application form

We at Azara are always trying to keep up with new trends; hence we are constantly improving all parts of our business. We have recognized our webpage and the flow of our application process as a weak link, so we decided to improve and make some significant modifications in order to be more user friendly, to save your time and to keep our database of applicants updated all the time.

Our new webpage now contains all needed information that are interesting to our clients and also to our applicants. We have tried to make all information easily accessible and to describe every step with as many details as possible.

As mentioned, the most significant change we have made is our application process – here, we are not only referring to the direct action of CV and documents upload but also on the whole approach to candidates data handling and building a strong and long relationship.

The new application form is very responsive and easy to fill/apply with. We aim to collect only crucial information that we can use to offer all of our applicants personalized job offers.

You can check our selection process at this link->

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