Thome Ship Management & Azara Crew Agency | Open Day

Azara Crew Agency and Thome Ship Management have successfully organised the first Open Day, which was held on the 5th of July in Šibenik. The purpose of this event was to provide employment opportunities to seafarers interested in working on tanker ships in Thome Ship Management’s fleet.

The event garnered great interest from Croatian seafarers. Thome Fleet and Marine HR representatives met with seafarers in Azara agency premises in Šibenik, and interviews were held from the morning on.

The primary purpose the Open Day is to make contact with quality candidates in order to speed up the recruitment process. When this process is done online, as it has been for the past two and a half years, it can sometimes take up to several days to finalize the complete recruitement process. However, when we conduct the interview in person, the process can be finalized in just a single day. There are many benefits of ‘face-to-face’ interviews. Most importantly, they make it much easier for both parties to introduce themselves and leave a great impression”, says Thome Ship Management representative.

“Needless to say, we believe that this event is also a great opportunity to present our company. It is important that seafarers are aware of the existence of Thome’s full technical management in Zadar. We believe that direct and in-person communication with quality candidates is not only a particularly useful networking tool, but it is also important for the fact that satisfied candidates will be happy to share their positive experiences with their colleagues.”

In addition to the candidates who already had experience working aboard Parcel or Soft Chemical tankers, Thome representatives also provided an opportunity for candidates with positive references who have had no previous experience on these types of ships. Many of them believe that this was an excellent career development opportunity.

“I believe that this kind of an event is a great opportunity for seafarers, especially because we were given the opportunity for career change. I work aboard [another type of ship], and the working conditions are not particularly great. I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to present myself and my skills to representatives of such a great company”, says one of the seafarers who participated in the interview.

“I am very satisfied with the professional approach of the company representatives. This is a good opportunity to present ourselves in person, especially after all the online interviews during the last two and a half years. Face-to-face interviews are a much better way for both the company and us candidates to create an accurate impression of each other”, says another seafarer.

“My experience was positive. The interview was pleasant and the representatives were very professional. I am glad that I had an opportunity introduce myself in person. It is not easy to make a career change, and being given this kind of opportunity is rare”, said the third seafarer, who participated as a candidate for Junior positions.

Seafarers were not the only ones satisfied with the event, as the representatives of Azara Crew Agency point out: “We are extremely satisfied with the response. This is the first time we had the opportunity to host such an important event, but it certainly won’t be the last. We would like to thank Thome Ship Management for their trust and willingness to offer Croatian seafarers such an opportunity for career development.”

“This was the first time we organised an Open Day event. We are very satisfied with the results, and this type of interaction with quality candidates proved to be successful. We definitely plan on doing this again in the future”, say Thome Ship Management representatives.

If you are interested in participating in similar future events, contact us at:

[email protected]

or +385 (0)22 500 503

All candidates will be informed about all the details of future events in a timely manner.

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